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Jönköping University

Open number of scholarships offering 30% of the tuition fee. Accommodation guaranteed. Free health insurance to all international students.


University of Queensland

20% Tuition Fee Waiver


University of Warwick

20% to 50% tuiton fee discounts (depending on the programme)

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Open number of scholarships from 20% to 30%


University of Exeter

Open number of 20% scholarships

Logo North Alabama

University of North Alabama

$7,000 USD per year for Tuiton + Housing scholarship


NEOMA Business School

13 scholarships of 3,000EUR per year. Available for Master in Management programs and Master of Science programs *Not applicable for double degree programmes



Open number of scholarships: 30% first two students and 20% for all students



5 scholarships 4,800 EUR (International MBA) | 3 scholarships 1600 EUR (Fashion Mangement) | 3 scholarships 2250 EUR (MAAC) | 3 scholarships 1600 EUR (MFIN) |3 scholarships 2250 EUR (MBANK) | 2 scholarships 1500 EUR (MIB) | 2 scholarships 1500 EUR (MCRM) | 2 scholarships 1500 EUR (MBDA) | 2 scholarships 1500 EUR (MBAC) | 2 scholarships 1400 EUR (MNEGO) | 5 scholarships 1024 EUR per yea r- Master of Science in Management Grande Ecole Programme



Tuition fee waiver, 1,000 EUR | Master of Science and Master in Management


HEC Paris

3 scholarships 6,000 EUR for MBA



Open number of scholarships 10%

ESC Rennes school of business

ESC Rennes school of business

3 scholarships 3,000 EUR

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

4 scholarships of 10,000 USD for LLM

Georgetown University McDonough

Georgetown University: McDonough

5,000 USD per year for Full-time MBA | 5,000 usd per year for Masters in Management

Johns Hopkins SAIS

Johns Hopkins: SAIS

Full-time MA 30,000 USD per year (second year conditioned to a 3.4 GPA)