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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Open number of scholarships from 20% to 30%

ESCP Europe Business School

ESCP Business School Madrid

3 scholarships 20% MSc in Marketing & Digital Media | 7 scholarships 20% MSc in Real Estate | 7 scholarships 20% MSc in Digital Project Management & Consulting | 7 scholarships 20% MSc and in Hospitality & Tourism Management | 8 scholarships 10.000,00€ in MBA in International Management (presencial, híbrido u online)

Indiana University

Maurer School of Law

10 scholarships of 20,000 USD per year

Duke School of Environment

Duke School of Environment

Open number of scholarships 6,000 USD

King´s College London

King´s College London

10 scholarships 10%

Lilli Family School of Philantrhopy

Lilli Family School of Philantrhopy

3,000 USD per year


University of Exeter

Open number of 20% scholarships

Carnegie Mellon Heinz College

Carnegie Mellon University Australia

10 scholarships of 30%, Heinz College

London School of Economics

London School of Economics LSE

15 scholarships 20%

University of Liverpoo

University of Liverpool

Open number of scholarship 20%


University of Queensland

20% Tuition Fee Waiver



Open number of scholarships 10%



Open number of 20% scholarships. Living arrangement guaranteed for the first year of masters. Medical insurance. English for academic purposes before starting the program.

Durham University

Durham University

10 scholarships 10% Business, 10 scholarships 10% Social Sciences, 10 scholarships 10% Engineering and computer sciences

Carnegie Mellon Heinz College (1)

Carnegie Mellon Heinz College

10 scholarships for 30% in: Arts Management, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Entertainment Industry, Health-related programs, Information Systems, International Relations & Commerce, Information Technology, Public Policy & Public Administration


Torrens University

10 scholarships of 30% in Master of International Hotel Managment

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